Comfortably Numb(ish)

Real talk this place can take a lot out of a person sometimes that has a very literal meaning. A woman walked into my career center and she claimed to have lost everything. It very much looked like it; she appeared to of been wearing the same cloths that she had been wearing since she got out of the hospital. She was still wearing scrubs she had received in the hospital. I assisted her into go where she needed to go, it was an MWA office, they occasionally get clothing donated so they can give them to those in the community who need it. About an hour or so later the security guard came in and asked where the lady had gone and then informed me that she was sitting and had fallen asleep. We went and woke the young lady up asked her if everything was ok and if she had been seen yet. She hadn’t yet, so we called MWA and they were sending someone. After that she said she needed to get some fresh air and just left.

It bugs me that things like this happen. How is it you can lose everything because of someone else’s actions? I really find it baffling we are just so use to this happening. I’m no stranger to customers potentially losing their housing but usually there is a little bit of wiggle room, not in St Louis. I wonder sometimes if the people here are just so use to this place violence and extreme poverty are just normal?

The trials and tribulations of a thing called life

So, I have recently(ish) have become a career adviser and thrown into the world of St Louis. Long story short my wife got a job here last year and we moved. What I do currently is help people get a job. It’s a lot different than what I use to do as a teacher at Job Corps. People come in ask about programs that are available for funding and that is usually the last time that I see them. It isn’t a bad job per say it’s just that the commute sucks, I live about 22 minutes away making it about a 45 minute drive. I take that time to make phone calls if need be or to listen to my favorite podcasts. I have learned a lot, that I don’t want to work in the human services field anymore or at least in the same capacity anymore. It’s really just boring, so I find ways to fill that void by looking, and learning. I look for new opportunities not just for myself but for the people in the local community. Apprenticeships are a hot ticket item because people get paid to learn and get a job. I try to make the best of a not so bad opportunity. Resiliency would be key because emotionally you get knocked around quite a bit. I try to motivate myself to keep pushing on and I’ll be honest it is difficult. I’m forcing myself to write this little bit I am starting to wonder if there is something wrong with my process or my lack there of. I don’t exactly have a mentor or someone to help me with this so I learn. I will take this moment to thank the Manhattan Public Library, because I still have my library card I still have free access to Lynda, which has taught me how to edit audio and create podcasts. Eventually, I will be recording multiple projects the first one will be the “Brewing Ratio”, which will be about beer and coffee. The other project is still untitled because of a lack of direction. I initially wanted to do something criminal justice related but it just seems like something a lot of people do already. So, I am wondering what I could do but in that same kind of area but put my own twist on it. My initial plan was to use this as my main blog spot and I will start to write on here more frequently. I think I will use this as more of a public journal of my day to day or week to week.

Until next time!